DA 2018

May 26, 1994


Delegation of Authority--To Approve and Conduct Fundraising Campaigns

Pursuant to the November 19, 1993 Regents' Policy on Fundraising Campaigns (copy attached), authority is delegated to you, subject to the conditions set forth below, to approve and conduct fundraising campaigns for support of projects within your jurisdiction with goals up to and including $5,000,000 for any purpose.

The following shall be recommended by you to the President for Regental approval:

The President has retained the authority to approve all other fundraising campaigns, including the initial phases of campaigns with goals of $50,000,000 or more.

Exercise of the foregoing authority is subject to the following conditions:

Fundraising campaigns are defined as organized efforts to solicit gifts and grants for any University purpose from multiple private sources such as individuals, firms, corporations, groups, and/or foundations. The Regents' Policy on Fundraising Campaigns and this delegation apply to all forms of fundraising campaigns for the benefit of the University whether conducted by the University, Campus Foundations, University Support Groups, or individuals or organizations outside the University; they do not apply to instances when family or friends of a deceased person announce that memorial contributions may be sent to the University in lieu of other remembrances, or to the Annual Fund gift campaigns.

The authority to approve fundraising campaigns may not be redelegated.

This delegation is effective immediately and supersedes the March 24, 1986 delegation from President Gardner to Chancellors, Vice President--Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Vice President--Budget and University Relations on the same subject (DA 0895).

J.W. Peltason

Attachment (Regents' Policy on Fundraising Campaigns)

Members, President's Cabinet
Assistant Vice President--University Relations
Special Assistant--Coordination & Review
Principal Officers of The Regents