DA 0436

October 30, 1973


Dear Chuck:

This note is to give formal approval to the documents titled ASUCLA Relationships with the University and Plans and Agreements for Integrating the Associated Students-UCLA with the University of California at Los Angeles.

The approval includes the six exceptions to the classification and pay structure (Executive Director, Students' Store Managers, Food Service Director, Controller, Photography Manager, and Student Office Supervisor) and the four exceptions to the personnel policies (Casual Increase Eligibility, Bonus Program, Jury Duty, and Delayed Merit Increases) which are described in the Plans and Agreements document.

It is my understanding that the two documents will be implemented jointly as constituent parts of the policy concerning ASUCLA.


C. O. McCorkle, Jr.

President Hitch
Vice President Johnson
Vice President Perkins
General Counsel Reidhaar
Assistant Vice President Everett

Transmittal letter prepared in collaboration with Brugger, Reidhaar, and Everett. Final revised document prepared after consultation between Young and Everett and concurred with by telephone by Brugger and Reidhaar.