Note: The Fee Policies Related to Expanded Summer Instruction issued on November 22, 2000 replaces that portion of the 1975 "Guidelines Governing Summer Session Operations" that apply to setting summer session fees for UC matriculated students.

Office of the President
March 14, 1975


Each Chancellor is responsible for administering Summer Sessions on a self-supporting basis in accordance with these Guidelines and other appropriate University fiscal and administrative policies.

Summer Sessions budgets are to be submitted to the President as a part of the campus budget and are to cover all costs as specified in these Guidelines and other applicable University policies.

Summer Sessions fees shall be set by each Chancellor as follows:

Summer Sessions fees are to be set so as to cover all operating costs of Summer Sessions. Fees may be set either on a per unit or course basis or on a per session basis. If set on a per session basis, a fee reduction for the second session may be granted to a student attending both sessions.

Laboratory or other similar fees may be established for appropriate courses to cover extra costs directly associated with such courses.

Application fees are intended to cover costs related to application for admission to Summer Sessions and are to be a non-refundable advanced payment on Summer Sessions fees. Application fee funds may be comingled with other Summer Sessions fee funds and are to be used to help support the total Summer Sessions program.

Mandatory ancillary fees, such as those for Arts and Lectures, Student Union, and ASUC may be approved by the Chancellor, the President, or The Regents as the governing level of authority may dictate. The maximum level of each of these fees shall be no greater than the corresponding fees in a regular academic quarter, adjusted in proportion to the length of the Summer Sessions program or units or courses taken.

All direct costs and identifiable incremental indirect costs of supporting services provided to Summer Sessions by campus units are to be charged to Summer Sessions fee income as follows:

Direct salaries of academic appointees for teaching and of teaching assistants. Normal compensation for a standard Summer Session instructional load, which is defined as two regularly scheduled courses per session, shall be as follows:

  6-week session

7-week session

8-week session
17% of nine-month rate

19% of nine-month rate

22% of nine-month rate

Each Chancellor is authorized to approve other appropriate compensation when the load is other than the above-specified standard instructional load. Effective with the 1974 Summer Session, salaries paid to University of California academic appointees will be based upon their salary rate as of June 30 of the calendar year in which the Summer Session begins.

Support and Summer Sessions administrative costs.

All instructional support costs directly incurred by Summer Sessions programs and appropriate administrative costs of the campus Summer Sessions Director's office are to be charged.

Indirect costs.

Charges are to be assessed against Summer Sessions for the incremental indirect costs which are identifiable for the following activities or services:

      Departmental Administration
      General Administration
      Institutional Services
      Maintenance & Operations of Physical Plant
      Student Services

Incremental costs are defined as the difference in the total costs incurred by an operation with a Summer Session as compared with the same operation without a Summer Session.

Each Chancellor will be responsible for developing methods for computing indirect costs. A description of these methods and of the activities and services for which a charge will be made shall be included with the annual campus budget submittal.

Each Chancellor will be responsible for submitting a financial report to the President by November 30 of each year, detailing the income, direct expenditures, and indirect costs with respect to Summer Sessions operations .

Annual surpluses from Summer Sessions operations are to be placed in a campus Summer Sessions Reserve. Each Chancellor is authorized to allocate funds from the reserve to be used for Summer Sessions needs such as program development, experimentation, non-recurrent expenses, and offsetting deficits from operations.

Annual deficits, if any, are to be financed out of the campus Summer Sessions Reserve. State funds and Extension reserves cannot be utilized to finance a Summer Sessions deficit.

The primary responsibility for the content of Summer Sessions courses and programs offered for University credit rests with the academic departments on each campus under the direction of each campus Summer Sessions office.

The Vice President--Extended Academic and Public Service Programs will act as the President's principal advisor on matters related to Summer Sessions.