DA 0606

April 17, 1978


Delegation of Authority--Approval of Siting of Individual Buildings or Projects

Effective immediately, the following authority granted to the President of the University and set forth in Section 100.4(z) of the Standing Orders of The Regents is delegated to you in your areas of jurisdiction:

Exercise of this authority shall be subject to such rules and regulations as may be established from time to time by Systemwide Administration. If any of the authority referred to above is redelegated by you, such redelegation shall be in writing, with copies furnished to the Secretary of The Regents and the Assistant President--Coordination & Review. Any such redelegation shall be subject to regulations and reporting requirements established by Systemwide Administration, and shall also be subject to conditions at least as restrictive as, but which may be more restrictive than, the conditions of this delegation to you.

This delegation supersedes the following documents as they relate to the approval of siting of individual buildings or projects:

  1. Delegation of Authority to Chancellors, May 23, 1966, "Appointment of Architects, Approval of Building Plans, and Siting of Individual Buildings. "

  2. Delegation of Authority to Chancellors, July 15, 1966, "Architectural and Engineering Appointments and Approval of Designs."

  3. Delegation of Authority to Acting Special Assistant Hobson, June 28, 1977, "Approval of Siting of Individual Buildings or Projects. "

David S. Saxon

Members, President's Administrative Council
Principal Officers of The Regents