DA 0707

August 3, 1981


Dear Colleagues:

Delegation of Authority--To Make Applications for Allocation of Electric Power from Federal Power Systems

The Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) is planning to make allocations of additional low cost electric power which will be available from Federal power systems. Assistant Vice President Baker's staff has been participating for the past year in the public activities of WAPA pursuant to the development of the criteria to be used to make such power allocations. The staff will be developing the application for each campus so as to conform to WAPA's criteria and at the same time to maximize the probability of obtaining a power allocation. Assistant Vice President Baker will be in touch with you about the details concerning these applications.

At the June meeting of The Regents the following action was adopted:

The authority to file such application on behalf of your jurisdic tion is hereby delegated to you, and it is effective immediately.

A condition of this delegation is that applications from campuses not now receiving Federal power, those except the Davis campus, be submitted to Assistant Vice President Baker in accordance with the format and criteria being developed by his office.

One of the major reasons for this delegation of authority is that it appears WAPA intends to consider individual facilities, notcurrently receiving Federal power, more favorably than applicants representing several individual facilities where one or more are already receiving some Federal power.

By copy of this memo, I am asking Executive Assistant Wilson to coordinate with you any communications with Federal representatives or officials he believes can be helpful to the University in obtaining allocations of Federal power for its facilities.


David S. Saxon

Members, President's Administrative Council
Principal Officers of The Regents