DA 0749

December 1, 1982


Delegation of Authority--Risk Management Program

Effective immediately, the Vice President--Financial and Business Management is authorized to exercise the authorities assigned to the President in connection with the Risk Management Program, including those authorities which may be delegated to the President by specific actions of The Regents in connection with the Risk Management Program.

Attached for your information is the Risk Management Policy approved by The Regents at their January, 1970 meeting. References in that policy to University insurance programs" concern the University Risk Management Program. I believe it could be useful to alter this wording in the Regental policy, as insurance programs connected with employee benefit programs are appropriately under the administration of the Vice President--Academic and Staff Personnel Relations. This is a minor matter and is not urgent. I ask, however, that a review of the total Risk Management Policy be undertaken as soon as possible to consider whether the policy is consistent with current operating needs and practices or whether there may be need to seek Regental revision of the policy.

Any redelegation of this authority shall be in writing with copies to the Assistant President--Coordination and Review and the Secretary of The Regents.

This supersedes the April 1, 1980 delegation of this authority.

David S. Saxon


Laboratory Directors
Assistant President Everett
Principal Officers of The Regents