DA 0916

December 8, 1986


Delegation of Authority--To Execute Certain Affiliation Agreements with Other Institutions or Hospitals

This confirms that the authority of the President under Section 100.4(dd)(6) of the Standing Orders of The Regents pertaining to affiliation agreements with other institutions or hospitals is delegated to you. As specified in that Standing Order, approval of The Regents is required for "Affiliation agreements with other institutions or hospitals involving direct financial obligations or commitments to programs not previously approved". It is the interpretation of the General Counsel that, with regard to "direct financial obligations", the intent and meaning of this Standing Order is to require Regental approval when the direct financial obligation or commitment is imposed on the University.

The Regents have requested a periodic report of affiliation agreements executed in accordance with the authority assigned to the President. Since most of these agreements are related to the health sciences, I have asked the Vice President--Health Affairs to coordinate preparation of such reports. For this reason, copies of executed affiliation agreements are to be provided to that office. In those cases when the affiliation agreement involves an area other than health sciences, the Vice President-Health Affairs will see that a copy is directed to the appropriate office in the Office of the President. The following procedures have been established for handling affiliation agreements executed by campuses and Laboratories:

Each proposed affiliation agreement is to be reviewed and approved as to form by the General Counsel prior to execution. If a standardized form is used which has received prior approval from General Counsel, further review by General Counsel is not required.

Two copies of each executed affiliation agreement are to be sent to the Vice President--Health Affairs as soon as possible after execution so that the annual reports of affiliation agreements executed under this delegation of authority may be prepared for submission to The Regents.

You may redelegate this authority in writing to specific designees, but the authority may not be further redelegated. A copy of any redelegation should be provided to the Director--Coordination and Review and the Secretary of The Regents.

This supersedes the July 15, 1986 delegation to Chancellors and Laboratory Directors on this same subject.

David Pierpont Gardner

Members, President's Cabinet
Principal Officers of The Regents
Director Rogin