DA 0969

September 7, 1988


Delegation of Authority--Expenditures Against Firm Commitments Under Contracts and Grants

Section 100.4(n) of the Standing Orders of The Regents delegates to the President the authority to permit expenditures against contracts and grants or against firm commitments thereon, provided that the contracts and grants have been solicited or negotiated in accordance with established Regental policy.

I delegate to you as Senior Vice President--Administration the authority to permit expenditures or commitments of funds against any approved research, training, or development contract or grant when a fully executed contract exists or a written notice of grant award has been received or, in the absence of such documentation, when (a) the contract or grant is within the solicitation authority previously delegated to you or has been authorized by specific Regental action and you have satisfied yourself that a firm commitment exists to reimburse the University for the amount of funds expended, and (b) there is an essential need to expend or commit funds for salaries and other expenses of a continuing project.

For guidance in interpreting what constitutes a firm commitment, General Counsel has provided the following:

This delegation is effective immediately. Redelegation of this authority shall be in writing with copies provided to the Director--Coordination and Review, the General Counsel of The Regents, and the Secretary of The Regents.

David Pierpont Gardner


Members, President's Cabinet
Associate Vice President--Business and Finance
Director--Coordination and Review
Principal Officers of The Regents