DA 1027

July 6, 1990


Delegation of Authority to Approve Certain Activities of the Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, Berkeley Campus

Paragraph II of the "Statement Establishing the Institute for Basic Research in Science" approved by The Regents October 14, 1955 [and amended by The Regents February 16, 1967] in accordance with the Trust Agreement of June 9, 1943 by and between The Regents and Adolph C. Miller, reserved to The Regents the authority to approve certain activities of the Institute on the recommendation of the President, the Chancellor of the Berkeley campus, and the Advisory Board. Among these activities are: (1) appointment of members to the Advisory Board, (2) annual budget request of the Institute, (3) extension of the term of appointment of Research Professors or Research Fellows beyond five years, and (4) approval of the annual report concerning the operations of the Institute. In addition, the Statement provided that the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Advisory Board, who functions as Executive Director of the Institute, be designated by the President.

At the May 18, 1990 meeting, The Regents delegated authority to the President for the administration of the activities of items (1), (2), and (4) above. The Regents have retained authority for the activities of item (3). Effective immediately, subject to the terms of the attached May 18, 1990 Regental authorization, as Chancellor of the Berkeley campus you are authorized to designate the Chair of the Executive Committee; and to approve: the appointment of members to the Advisory Board following consultation with the Executive Director of the Institute; the annual budget request of the Institute as recommended by the Advisory Board; and the annual report on the operations of the Institute.

This authority may not be redelegated.

David Pierpont Gardner


cc: Senior Vice President Frazer
Senior Vice President Brady
Associate Vice President Moore
Executive Director Wilt
Special Assistant Young
Director Rogin
Director Switkes
Principal Officers of The Regents