DA 1079

February 17, 1993


Delegation of Authority--Administration of the University Terrace Faculty For-Sale Homes Project, Berkeley Campus

At the July 17, 1992 meeting, The Regents authorized the President, in consultation with the Treasurer and the General Counsel, to take certain actions to facilitate the subdivision, development, construction, and sale of residences in the University Terrace Faculty Homes Project (Project), Berkeley campus.

Effective immediately, subject to the terms of the attached copy of the July 17, 1992 Regental authorization, as Chancellor of the Berkeley campus you are authorized to administer the Project, including the following specific responsibilities.


To designate, describe, and subdivide into up to 78 lots that portion of the Berkeley campus previously approved by The Regents as the site for the Project, including the preparation of a map indicating such subdivision, provided that such designating, describing, subdividing, and recording are done in consultation with the Treasurer and the General Counsel.


Following recordation of the applicable subdivision map, to execute on behalf of the University, in consultation with the Treasurer, the General Counsel, and the Senior Vice President--Administration, all documents required for the completion and sale of residences in the Project.


To establish policies on temporary rental of the residences, including leases with options to purchase, to conduct investigations regarding compliance with use and occupancy limitations, and to reassign leasehold interests in the event of noncompliance.


To determine residence resale price limitations with respect to the resale of the residences in the Project pursuant to the provisions contained in the Project documents.


To organize a condominium owners' association under California law and to designate its initial officers and directors.


To inspect the Project and exercise the rights of the University regarding operations and maintenance of the Project pursuant to the Project documents.


To determine whether to exercise any of the University's rights to buy a residence under the provisions of the Project documents and, if such rights are exercised to determine whether and to whom to assign the rights.


To determine in consultation with the President, the increase, if any, in the ground rent to be payable under the Project documents.


To select or approve, as appropriate under the Project documents, all initial and subsequent purchasers of the residences pursuant to the priority system established in the Project documents.

To determine, in consultation with the Treasurer and the General Counsel, upon subsequent sale of a residence, whether a new lease will be executed and for what term, not to exceed 60 years.


To approve, in consultation with the General Counsel, deeds and other documents to be executed by the Secretary as required for the dedication of approximately 10,000 square feet of the land purchased for the Project to the City of Berkeley for use as public park lands, subject to use and improvement conditions included by the City of Berkeley on the subdivision map for the Project.
The following authorities are not delegated:

Major changes in the design or in the permitted uses of the University Terrace Faculty Homes Project shall be approved by The Regents.

Modifications to the priority system of eligible purchasers of the residences shall be approved by the President.

All future amendments of the Project documents shall be approved by the President, prior to their execution, in consultation with the Treasurer and the General Counsel.

Any redelegation of these authorities shall be in writing with copies to the Senior Vice President--Administration, the Special Assistant--Coordination & Review, the Treasurer, and the General Counsel.

J. W. Peltason


Senior Vice President Brady
Interim Senior Vice President Schwartz
Assistant Vice President Bocchicchio
Director Mathews
Special Assistant Young
Special Assistant Gardner
Treasurer Gordon
General Counsel Hoist