DA 1091 (superseded by DA 2201)

July 29, 1993


Delegation of Authority--Execution of Documents for Administration of University Patent and Other Intellectual property Matters

The Standing Orders of The Regents in Section 100.4 provides in pertinent part as follows::


The President is authorized . . . to execute documents necessary for the administration of intellectual property, .... The President annually shall report to the Board on matters pertaining to intellectual property.

Effective immediately, the authority granted to the President as written above is delegated to you, subject to conditions specified elsewhere in the Bylaws and Standing Orders of The Regents and subject also to terms of applicable Regental and Presidential policies which are or may be established from time to time. In addition, you are responsible for preparing for my review annual and other reports to The Regents pertaining to patent and other intellectual property matters [see also Bylaw 12.3(k)].

Any redelegation of this authority and responsibility by you shall be in writing with copies provided to the Special Assistant--Coordination & Review, the General Counsel and Vice President for Legal Affairs, and the Secretary of The Regents. Such redelegation shall be at least as restrictive as, but may be more restrictive than, this delegation to you.

This delegation supersedes the June 15, 1988 delegation (DA 0966) to the Senior Vice President--Administration on this same subject.

J.W. Peltason

Laboratory Directors
Members, President's Cabinet
University Controller
Special Assistant--Coordination & Review
Principal Officers of The Regents