1. Is the name and status of each contracting party correctly set forth? e.g., "The Regents of the University of California," which is described as "a California corporation."

    (Note: Setting for the the "University of California" or some instrumentality thereof as the contracting party is not correct, as the University and all its instrumentalities do business in the official name of "The Regents of the University of California.")

  2. Is the consideration for the contract sufficiently stated? i.e., Are the services and/or materials to be rendered and/or furnished by the Contractor (The Regents of the University of California) set forth, and are the amount, time and manner of payment to The Regents therefore set forth?

  3. Is the effective date of the contract set forth or ascertainable from the provisions of the contract (see item 4 below)?

  4. Is the period of performance and/or duration of the contract set forth?

  5. If authorization has been obtained to incur costs prior to execution of a federal contract, does the contract contain a special clause providing for reimbursement of such costs or otherwise insure reimbursement of such costs?

  6. Are there any ambiguous words or phrases included in the contract?

  7. Are there any words or phrases inconsistent with words or phrases in other parts of the contract?

  8. Is the subject matter of the contract so described that it may be identified with certainty?

  9. Is there any document which is attached to the contract which is meant to be a part thereof? If so, has it been correctly identified and made a part of the contract by the following phrase or another phrase to the same effect: "__________________ , attached hereto, is incorporated herein by this reference."

  10. Is there any recital in the contract that an attached document is made a part of the contract? If so, has that document been attached as recited?

  11. If a State of California contract on the Standard Agreement Form 2 is involved, is there a printed clause on the reverse side thereof which reads as follows:

"Contractor shall be allowed or paid travel or per diem expenses unless set forth in this agreement"?

If so, and if travel or per diem expenses are to be allowed or paid to contractor under the contract, is a typewritten statement to this effect set forth in the contract?