DA 2041

March 10, 1995

Barbara F. Perry
Director--Federal Governmental Relations
University of California
1523 New Hampshire Avenue N.W.
Washington D. C. 20036

Delegation of Authority--To Solicit and Accept or Execute Certain Extramural Grants and Contracts

The authority granted to the President in Section 100.4(dd) (1) and (2) of the Standing Orders of The Regents was amended on July 16, 1993 to increase the President's execution authority with respect to contracts or grants by removing the seven-year time limit and the dollar limit. Authority is delegated to you as Director--Federal Governmental Relations to accept or to execute certain extramural grants and contracts, including the signing of related documents as necessary, pursuant to the authority granted to the President in Standing Order 100.4(dd) not exceeding $5,000,000 in direct costs in any one project year, except (a) those grants, contracts, or related documents containing provisions within the restrictions and limitations set forth in said Standing Order, and (b) those grants, contracts, or related documents containing provisions at variance with the University of California Contract and Grant Manual. For purposes of this delegation, the term grant includes grants from private sources, but excludes gifts as defined in the Guidelines for Review of Gifts/Grants for Research issued by the President on July 8, 1980.

This authority is effective September 1 through 30, 1995 and for the same period annually thereafter as long as you are assigned your current responsibilities. This authority is to be exercised only in response to a specific request made by a Chancellor, a Laboratory Director, the Senior Vice President--Business and Finance, the Vice President--Agriculture and Natural Resources, or their authorized representative. The authority may not be redelegated.

This delegation supersedes the March 29, 1988 delegation of authority (DA 0960) to the Director--Federal Governmental Relations on this same subject.

J. W. Peltason


Laboratory Directors
Members, President's Cabinet
Associate Vice President--Business and Finance
Special Assistant--Coordination & Review
Principal Officers of The Regents