DA 2096

February 17, 1998


Delegation of Authority--Execution of Certifications of Application for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Section 100.4 (dd) of the Standing Orders of The Regents grants the President execution authority with respect to contracts or grants.

Effective immediately, this authority is delegated to you for the exclusive purpose of signing the Designation of Applicant's Agent Resolution and Certification attached to each application submitted by your respective campuses to the Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) for consideration under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). Under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, uncommitted funds are available to your campuses on a one-time basis from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). These funds are provided on a seventy-five/twenty-five percent cost share basis, with seventy- five percent designated to come from federal funds and twenty-five percent from non-federal funds.

This delegation of authority is limited to the signing and certification of the HMGP applications prepared and submitted by each of your campuses and is intended to facilitate the submission of properly authorized HMGP applications for consideration by OES and FEMA.

Any redelegation of the above authority shall be in writing with copies to the Senior Vice President--Business and Finance, the Vice President for Budget and the Special Assistant--Coordination & Review.

Richard C. Atkinson

Members, President's Cabinet
Assistant Vice President Bocchicchio
Special Assistant Gardner
Principal Officers of The Regents