Principles of Delegation of Authority and Protocol

What is a "Formal Delegation of Authority"?

Authority for making decisions at the University is communicated through various means. The Board of Regents is granted ". . . full powers of organization and government . . ." of the University by the Constitution of the State of California, Article IX Section 9. The Regents have delegated certain authorities to the President and to other University of California Officers in the Standing Orders and Bylaws. The President promulgates formal written statements granting broad or limited authority for specified matters.

A formal delegation of authority should include the following statements: the source of the authority; a description of the authority that is being delegated; any limitations imposed, including restrictions on redelegation; and a reference to existing delegations that will be modified (amended or superseded) by the action.

Principles Regarding Delegation of Authority and Redelegation of Authority

Protocol for Issuing Delegations of Authority and Redelegations of Authority

The office with functional responsibility over the matter being delegated is responsible for working with the Universitywide Policy Office to draft a delegation for the President's consideration. The draft delegation must be accompanied by a cover sheet documenting appropriate approvals within the Division. The Universitywide Policy Office will coordinate required approval by the Office of General Counsel. The Policy Office prepares the official issuance for transmittal to the President for signature, and publishes the approved version. The Universitywide Policy Office also manages and is the office of record for redelegations of authority within the Office of the President.

Campus Management of Delegations and Redelegations of Authority

Each Chancellor has designated a unit with responsibility for managing campus delegations and redelegations of authority. That unit transmits required copies of campus redelegations of Presidential authority to the Universitywide Policy Office, which routes copies to cognizant Office of the President units, including the Office of the General Counsel.

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