DA 0620

February 6, 1979


Delegation of Authority--Travel Expenses for Regents' Professors and Lecturers

Dear Colleagues:

In May, 1974, The Regents authorized the payment of travel expenses, in an amount equivalent to round-trip air fare, for Regents' Professors and Lecturers from funds allocated to the campus from the University Endowment Fund for Regents' Professors and Lecturers.* Effective immediately, I hereby delegate to you the authority to approve such payment. When you submit your annual report** of Regents' Professors and Lecturers appointments, please indicate those for whom you have exercised this authority and the amount of the travel expenses authorized.

Any redelegation of this authority shall be in writing, with copies provided to the Vice President--Academic and Staff Personnel Relations, the Associate Vice President, the Assistant President--Coordination and Review, and the Secretary of The Regents.


David S. Saxon

cc: Members, President's Administrative Council
Assistant Vice President Blakely
Chief Accountant Pastrone
Principal Officers of The Regents

*In 1988, funding for the Regents’ Professor and Regents’ Lecturer Program was switched to the General Fund and became part of the campuses’ General Fund permanent budget.

**Annual reports to OP no longer required.