DA 0631

July 18, 1979


Dear Jim:

In accordance with the Policy on University Support Groups approved by The Regents in October, 1978, The California 4-H Foundation is hereby recognized as a University-wide Support Group with the rights, privileges, and responsibilities accorded thereto, contingent on The California 4-H Foundation's written acceptance of the terms of the Policy and the administrative Guidelines.

Furthermore, consistent with the terms of the Policy, I designate you as the individual responsible for determining compliance by the Foundation with the Policy and with the Guidelines. In this role, and in order that you may fulfill this responsibility, you are also delegated the authorities provided to the President under the Policy and the Guidelines as they relate to administration of The California 4-H Foundation as a designated University-wide Support Group.


David S. Saxon

Associate Vice President Jenkins
Assistant President Everett
Executive Assistant Wilson
Associate Counsel Portwood
Coordinator Pauline Corbett