Non-University groups and organizations may use the Lake Arrowhead Conference Center with the approval of the President or his designees. Approval shall be granted only if it is determined that the purposes of the group applying to use the Center and the nature of the proposed conference or function are generally consistent with the educational purposes and objectives of the University and are of benefit to the University.


The Center shall be used only in accordance with Federal, State and local laws and shall not be used for the purpose of organizing or carrying out unlawful activities.

All persons at the Conference Center are required to abide by University policies. Violation of such policies may subject a person to possible University sanctions as well as legal penalties.

A request for the use of the Conference Center shall be denied if the request is not in accord with these guidelines or if circumstances are such that the event will present a clear and present danger to the orderly operation of the Center.

Organizations within the University, including Alumni Associations, shall take precedence over non-University users in the use of the Center.

Use of the Center shall not be granted for fund-raising purposes without prior permission from the President or his designee.

Security, performance, and/or liability bonds may be required. Depending upon the nature of the proposed event, the user may be required to provide public liability end other insurance naming The Regents as additionally insured for any public events to be held at the Center.

Any written or other material used for promotion purposes or any conference proceedings (written or taped) must include a prominent statement that the views expressed at the conference are not supported or endorsed by the University of California.

This policy is effective immediately.

James Albertson
Acting Academic Vice President
May 18, 1981

Also attached to this document are Procedures and Application Form.