DA 0739

September 3, 1982


Delegation of Authority--Exceptions to Term of Service for Appointees in the Visiting Postdoctoral Title

Section 230-17 of the Academic Personnel Manual states as follows:

Effective July 1, 1982, you are authorized to grant individual exceptions to this limitation for appointees in the Visiting Postdoctoral title (title code 3370), subject to the restriction that in no case may total service in this title exceed three years.

Any redelegation of this authority shall be in writing, with copies to the Vice President--Academic and Staff Personnel Relations, the Assistant President--Coordination and Review, and the Secretary of The Regents.

Sincerely, David S. Saxon

Vice President Fretter
Vice President Frazer
Vice President Kleingartner
Assistant President Everett
Principal Officers of The Regents
Assistant Vice President Blakely
Director Levin-Medlinsky