DA 0744

December 1, 1982


Delegation of Authority--Department of Energy Laboratories

The Standing Orders of The Regents in Section 100.4 provides as follows:

* * *

* * *

Effective immediately, the authority assigned to the President in the above Section is delegated to the Vice President--Financial and Business Management. In addition, the following authorities with respect to activities concerning Systemwide Administration and the Department of Energy (DOE) Laboratories are delegated to the Vice President--Financial and Business Management:

A critical factor in processing grant and contract documents is the review for legal sufficiency; the responsibility for accomplishing this review must be specified in any redelegation of this authority. Attached are copies of two pertinent memoranda dated March 27, 1974 and July 23, 1979 providing guidance on this particular point.

Any redelegation of the above authorities shall be in writing with copies to the Assistant President--Coordination and Review and to the Secretary of The Regents. This delegation supersedes that of April l, 1980 on this same subject.

David S. Saxon


Laboratory Directors
Vice President Fretter
Assistant President Everett
Principal Officers of The Regents