DA 0781

April 8, 1983


Delegation of Authority--Police Policies and Regulations

This is to confirm your authority as Vice President--Financial and Business Management for certain responsibilities concerning police policies and regulations. These responsibilities are now set forth in the University of California Police Policies and Procedures Manual, issued on April 15, 1981. As specified in Chapter 4, Section 4.1 of that Manual, you are responsible for the development of general systemwide policies governing the duties and procedures of the University police, which responsibility is carried out through a Police Services Coordinator whose duties include developing and disseminating policies governing police functions on all campuses, providing consulting services and assistance to University Police Chiefs and officials, promulgating programs and standards to improve police services, and evaluating the quality of police services on all campuses.

Reassignment of these responsibilities shall be in writing with copies to the Assistant President--Coordination and Review and the Vice President--Academic and Staff Personnel Relations.

This supersedes my letter to you of June 16, 1981 on this subject.

David S. Saxon

Assistant President Everett
Principal Officers of The Regents

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