DA 0840

December 4, 1984


Delegation of Authority--Supplemental Contracts for Group Insurance Coverage for Participants in Medical Compensation Plans

On February 15, 1980, The Regents authorized the President to approve, for execution by the Secretary of The Regents, supplemental contracts for group insurance coverage for medical school faculty who are participants in special compensation plans, the benefits under such coverage (1) to apply to that portion of the participant's salary that is above the State-funded base salary; (2) to be similar to those benefits provided in connection with the base salary; and (3) to be funded from medical school fund accounts only after other expenses specified by the terms of the applicable compensation plan have been met.

As Senior Vice President--Administration, you are delegated authority to approve supplemental group insurance contracts as specified above. This authority is effective October 1, 1983 and may not be redelegated.

This supersedes President Saxon's letter to Vice President Kleingartner of March 10, 1980 on this same subject.

David Pierpont Gardner

Laboratory Directors
Members, President's Cabinet
Director--Coordination and Review
Principal Officers of The Regent