DA 0850

December 20, 1984


Delegation of Authority--Dismissal of Academic Deans and Provosts

Section 100.4(c) of the Standing Orders of The Regents provides as follows:

100.4 Duties of the President of the University

* * *

Effective immediately, the authority granted to the President under Section 100.4(c) of the Bylaws and Standing Orders of The Regents regarding dismissal of academic Deans and Provosts is delegated to you. Pursuant to this Standing Order, action to dismiss academic Deans or Provosts shall be taken by you. I ask that I be informed of the circumstances of any dismissal action you take.

Please note that this delegation covers authority to dismiss only. I am retaining the authority to appoint, determine compensation, and promote academic Deans and Provosts as stated in Standing Order 100.4(c).

Authority to dismiss academic Deans and Provosts may not be redelegated.

David Pierpont Gardner

Members, President's Cabinet
Principal Officers of The Regents
Acting Assistant Vice President Mayhew
Director Rogin