DA 0896

March 24, 1986


Delegation of Authority--To Solicit and Accept Gifts for Research

Under Section 100.4(dd) of the Standing Orders of The Regents, the President is granted authority to solicit and accept gifts that do not specifically require Regental approval.

This letter confirms your authority to solicit and accept gifts for research, including gifts of equipment, having an individual value not exceeding $100,000. Presidential authorization will be required for solicitation or acceptance of individual gifts exceeding $100,000; Regental authorization is required for solicitation or acceptance of any gift that involves:

exceptions to approved University programs and policies [Standing Order 100.4(dd)(1)];

commitments for more than seven years [Standing Order 100.4(dd)(1)];

obligations on the part of the University to expenditures or costs for which there is no established fund source [Standing Order 100.4(dd)(1)];

construction of facilities not previously approved [Standing Order 100.4(dd)(2)];

an amount or value in excess of $1,000,000 [Standing Order 100.4(dd)(3)]; or

an interest in real property [Bylaw 21.3(f)(2)(aa)].

Exercise of your authority is subject to the following conditions:

Gifts shall be accepted in the name and become the property of The Regents of the University of California.

Whenever there is any ambiguity in the terms of a gift proposal, the matter shall be referred to the General Counsel for interpretation and advice. Copies of any written materials shall be provided to the Vice President--Budget and University Relations. If there is any doubt about whether gift terms comply with the policies of the University, including those set forth in the Gifts and Endowments Manual, the question shall be referred to the Vice President--Budget and University Relations before acceptance.

Gifts shall be solicited, accepted, administered, documented, and reported in accordance with applicable University policies and procedures.

Consultation with the Department of Energy (DOE) shall be initiated by you whenever there is any question of compliance with the DOE contract, scope of work, or budget.

For the purpose of this delegation, the dollar amount of a gift shall be the amount of cash actually received; or, if in the form of a pledge, the full amount pledged; or shall be equivalent to the fair market value of securities or personal property.

This authority may not be redelegated.

This supersedes the January 13, 1983 letter from President Saxon on this same subject and is in addition to his May 11, 1982 Delegation of Authority--To Solicit and Accept Gifts for the purpose of establishing a Director's Contingency Fund.

David Pierpont Gardner


Members, President's Cabinet
Principal Officers of The Regents
Director--Coordination and Review