DA 1072

September 25, 1992


Delegation of Authority--To Approve Conferral of Emeritus Status Upon Retirement on Academic Appointees Who Are Not Members of the Academic Senate

Section 103.5(a) of the Standing Orders of The Regents states in part that with the approval of the President, Emeritus status shall be conferred, upon retirement, on every academic appointee who is not a member of the Academic Senate but who meets specific criteria established by the President.

Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Sections 120-24 b. and 120-80 b., concerning authority and procedures for conferral of Emeritus status upon an academic appointee or academic administrative officer who is not a member of the Academic Senate, state in part that Emeritus status may be conferred only by specific Presidential action after consultation with the appropriate Chancellor or Vice President, and a recommendation for Emeritus status shall be made by the appropriate Vice President or Chancellor to the President through the Senior Vice President--Academic Affairs; the recommendation shall be accompanied by a brief history of University employment and an explanation of how the criteria set forth in APM 120-10 have been fulfilled; and the President will notify the nominee in writing of conferral of the Emeritus title.

Effective immediately, within your respective areas and pursuant to the above authorities of the President in Standing Order 103.5(a) and in APM 120-24 b. and 120-80 b., you are authorized to confer Emeritus status, upon retirement, on academic appointees who are not members of the Academic Senate but who meet criteria established in APM 120-10 and to notify nominees in writing of the conferral of the title Emeritus. This authority may not be redelegated by you. Recommendations in which exception to established criteria is requested will continue to require approval of the President pursuant to Standing Order 103.5(a) and APM 120.

David Pierpont Gardner

Laboratory Directors
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Associate Vice President Moore
Assistant Vice President Switkes
Special Assistant Gardner
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