DA 2071

July 29, 1996


Delegation of Authority--Exceptions to Staff Policy 32.C--Compensation for Overtime

Staff Policy 32.C defines the standard workweek and provides that only time actually worked shall be counted in determining premium overtime. For persons in the following classes, effective immediately, you are authorized to grant exceptions to that policy in order that both paid holiday leave and paid vacation leave may be counted as time worked for the purposes of calculating premium overtime for persons with assigned work schedules of 40 hours in one workweek:

If a nurse works on an observed holiday, only the time actually worked shall be counted as time worked for the compensation of premium overtime; the pay for the holiday cannot also be counted as time worked.

This delegation supersedes Delegation of Authority 0936, dated July 31, 1987, from President Gardner to the Chancellors. Any redelegation of this authority shall be in writing with copies to the Assistant Vice President--Human Resources and the Special Assistant-- Coordination & Review.


Richard C. Atkinson

Members, President's Cabinet
Assistant Vice President Levin
Special Assistant Gardner
Principal Officers of The Regents