DA 1013

December 11, 1989


Delegation of Authority--To Approve Affiliation Agreements Following Authorization by The Regents

In a letter dated December 8, 1986, copy attached, I confirmed the delegation to Chancellors and Laboratory Directors of my authority under Standing Order 100.4(dd)(6) to enter into affiliation agreements with other institutions or hospitals, provided those agreements do not involve the University in direct financial obligations or commitments to University programs not previously approved. In that same letter, I confirmed your responsibilities as Vice President--Health Affairs for handling such agreements, including those for other than health sciences purpose, and for coordinating periodic reports to The Regents of all affiliation agreements executed under the President's authority.

This letter delegates additional authority to you. When Regents' approval of an affiliation agreement is required, I delegate to you the President's authority as granted by The Regents. I also authorize you to forward such agreements for execution by appropriate Officers of The Regents, after customary approval as to form by the General Counsel. This additional authority is effective immediately; it may not be redelegated.

David Pierpont Gardner


Laboratory Directors
Members, President's Cabinet
Director--Coordination & Review
Principal Officers of The Regents