DA 2031

January 27, 1995


Delegation of Authority--To Approve and Execute the Revised Agreement, Harbor/UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles Campus

At the meeting of November 18, 1994, The Regents authorized the President to approve and execute the revised Agreement between the County of Los Angeles, the Harbor/UCLA Medical Foundation, Inc., and The Regents of the University of California, entitled the "Tri-Partite Agreement," and to approve and execute any subsequent amendments, modifications, or renewals thereto, provided the general intent and purpose of the Agreement remain unchanged from those originally approved by The Regents.

Effective immediately, the above authorities are delegated to you as Chancellor of the Los Angeles campus, subject to the terms of the November 18, 1994 Regental authorization, a copy of which is attached.

This authority may not be redelegated.

J. W. Peltason


Senior Vice President Kennedy
Vice President Hopper
Special Assistant Gardner
General Counsel and Vice President Holst