Deleted Presidential Delegations of Authority

The table below shows deleted Presidential Delegations of Authority. The most recently deleted delegations, delegations subsumed into Senior Management Roles and Responsibilities, are shown in bold font. If you need access to a deleted delegation, please contact the Policy Office. "
DA # Description
2616 Appointment as Interim Locally Designated Official (LDO) for UCOP and UC systemwide
2583 Executive Vice President – Business Operations and Interim Chief Financial Officer. Authority to Approve, Obtain, and Manage External Financing and to Execute External Financing Documents
2578 Provost/EVP-AA, EVP-BO, EVP-CFO, GC. Authority to the Provost and EVP-Acad.Aff. to act for the President. When both are absent, EVP-BO, EVP-CFO, and General Counsel/VP-Legal Affairs in that order, are authorized to act for the President.
Superseded by DA2591
2576 Authority to Amend the Capital Improvement Program and to Make Transfers of Capital Funds
2575 Authority to Approve Project Design
2574 Authority to Approve Amendments to the Capital Improvement Program and Make Transfers of Funds
2570 Provost. Provost to establish regulations implementing Regents policies on determination of California residence for UC tuition and fees and exemptions or waivers for such tuition and fees
2254 Exec VP - Chief Financial Officer. Authority to negotiate and approve indirect cost rates
2253 SVP – External Relations. Appointment as UCOP LDO and Systemwide LDO for Whistleblower Protection Policy matters
2252 Exec VP - Chief Financial Officer. Authority to approve, obtain and manage external financing and to execute external financing documents
2249 Provost. Authority to negotiate and execute contracts and agreements for the Education Abroad Program
2248 Exec VP Lab Admin. Authority to appoint members of the LBNL Contract Assurance Council
2245 Executive Vice President - Business Operations. Authority to approve and execute transaction documents for the Neurosciences Building, Mission Bay, San Francisco campus.
2240 Provost. Authority to approve transfers and allocations of operating funds for matters affecting the Berkeley campus. The authority reverts to EVP Brostrom's Business Operations' role.
2237 Executive VP Business Operations. Authority to sell, purchase or receive by gift real property.
2236 Executive VP Business Operations. Authority to approve leases for mineral rights and geothermal resources.
2235 Executive VP Business Operations. Authority to negotiate, approve and execute university related real property rental agreements (leases).
2234 Executive VP Business Operations. Authority to negotiate, approve and execute real property easements and rights of way.
2232 Chancellors, Director-LBNL, EVP, COO, VP-ANR. Negotiation, Approval, and Execution of Licenses for Use of Real Property
2231 Chancellors, Director-LBNL, EVP, COO, VP-ANR.  Negotiation, Approval, and Execution of University-Related Real Property Rental Agreements (Leases)
2226 Chancellors, LBL Director, EVP Business Operations. Authority to Designate Home Loan Program Eligibility under the SMG Salary and Appointment Policy The authority now resides in Regents Policy 7701 (SMG Appointment and Compensation) which was approved by the Regents in Nov 2013)
2221 EVP-Business Operations. Authority to approve and execute financial and banking services.
2220 Authority to Appoint and Execute Agreements for Executive Architects, Executive Landscape Architects, and Executive and Consulting Engineers
2217 Los Angeles Chancellor. Authority to approve and execute joint powers agreement with city and county of Los Angeles for a shared radio communications network
2216 Provost. Authority to Act for the President with Respect to Specified Academic Personnel Matters
2211 Authority to execute documents pertaining to the Clinical Enterprise
2207 Exec VP-Business Operations. Delegation of Authority-Approval and Execution of Sub-Phase Leases for West Village, Davis Campus.
2201 Provost & EVP-AA&HA. Authority to act per responsibilities assigned to Pres. in SP 100.4mm, execution of documents for administration of university patent & other intellectual property matters.
2194 EVP-Business Operations. Authority to approve and execute agreements for financial and banking services for Corporation. May be redelegated.
2193 Executive Dir. Debas. Authority to solicit and accept gifts for Global Health Initiative, within described parameters. Redelegation limited to solicitation or acceptance of gifts $1M or less.
2191 EVP-Univ. Affairs. Authority to act for President in his absence with regard to DOD and DOE security matter.
2186 EVP-Business Oprtns. Authority to approve allocation of operating funds. May be redelegated.
2185 EVP-Business Oprtns. Authority to approve transfer of operating funds. May be redelegated.
2181 UCR Chancellor. Authority to execute changes to amended & restated housing services agreement between Univ & Stonehaven Student Housing Inc., as stated. May not be redelegated below level of Vice Chancellor
2177 UCSC Chancellor. Authority to administer all projects within umbrella campus faculty and staff for-sale housing project as approved by Regents. May be redel
2175 VP-Finan Mgmt. Authority to execute and deliver indentures, greets, certificates, receipts, instruments & other docs on behalf of Regents in connection w/external financing (SO 100.4nn).
2169 Chancellors. Authority to accept and allocate gifts up to $5M, as specified. May be redelegated.
2168 VP-ANR. Authority to accept and allocate gifts up to $5M, as specified. May be redelegated.
2159 VP-ANR, Chancellors Authority approve CIP amendments non-St-funded major CIPs w/total project cost>=$5M. Excl (1)new project total cost >$5M; (2)mod project cost>$5M; (3) substance program mod project approved by Regents/VP-Budget; (4) project fully/in part St funds; (5) project denied funding by State; (6) project $25K to $5M involving Chancellor resid/office. Cat 6 pros prior approval of President & reported to Regents. Chancellor hsg or office projects >$5M need Regents
2147 Provost & SVP-AA. To administer actions pertaining to the Natural Reserve System (transferred from ANR to Academic Affairs 4/1/04)
2140 VP-ANR, Chancellors, Lab Dirs. Authority to approve and execute contracts for rental of real prop when meet listed conditions. Redelegation should be limited to "appropriate levels of authority."
2138 SVP-B&F. Authority to administer UC Retirement Plan, Tax-Deferred 403(b) Plan and Defined Contribution Plan within parameters expressed in delegation. May be redelegated to specific designees but no further.
2130 Chancellors, Lab Dirs. Authority to recommend to Treasurer representatives of University who may sign checks drawn against University revolving fund bank accounts. May be redelegated to specific designee but no further.
2129 VP-Health Affairs. Authority to solicit and accept gifts for breast cancer research programs up to and incl. $5M, with few noted exceptions. Regental/Presidential approval required for gifts that involve interest in real property. May be redelegated up to $1M.
2123 SVP-B&F. Authority to establish & publish policies re: University membership in organizations. Authority to establish and publish. May be redelegated.
2122 VP-ANR, Chancellors, Lab Dirs. Per 6/7/01 regents' action, authority to execute agreement w/ Cargill Inc. involving 3-party liability assumption.
2121 SVP-B&F. Authority to implment SB 645, requiring Univ to deduct fair share srvc fee from wages of empolyees who do not join recognized employee orgztn. May be redelegated except as restricted Per OGC, given that the fair share fee litigation has long been resolved and the University has recognized and operated under a fair share fee system for 15 years, DA 2121 can be eliminated and the authority to address issues related to fair share fees would fall under DA 2187. That delegation contains broad language delegating authority to the EVP of Business Operations (now EVP/Chief Operations Officer) to “serve as agent of The Regents to carry out the collective bargaining responsibilities of the University.” A fair share fee arrangement with an exclusive bargaining representative would fall within the general collective bargaining responsibilities of the University.
2118 Chancellors, Lab Dirs, VP-ANR. Authority to negotiate, approve & execute licenses of real prop incl. facilities use agreements and other forms equivalent to licenses of real prop subject to listed conditions. Redelegation should be limited to appropriate level.
2117 Chancellors, Lab Dirs, VP-ANR. Authority to approve easements & rights of way for properties under jurisdiction subject to listed conditions. Redelegation should be limited to appropriate level.
2101 SVP-B&F. Authority to establish and public all policies and procedures related to entertainment expenses and non-cash awards for University employees. May redelegate authority to establish & publish only
2076 Chancellors, Lab Dirs, SVP-B&F, VP-ANR. Authority to establish or change FLSA exemption status for all positions w/in respective jurisdictions. Must demonstrate exempt employee is salaried & falls into one of exemption categories. May be redel
2074 Chancs, Lab Dirs, SVP-B&F. W/in respective jurisdictions, authority to determine which classes eligible for shift/wknd differntial rates &/or unrestricted on-call rates, & to establish, change, or eliminate shift/wknd differntial rates & unrestricted on-call rates.
2071 Chancellors. Authority to make exceptions to SP 32.C so both holiday leave & paid vacation leave may be counted as time worked for purpose of calculating premium OT for employees w/assigned work schedules of 40 hrs/wk. The authority is already incorporated into PPSM-32 on 7/1/2012.
2070 Chancs, Lab Dirs, SVP-B&F, VP-ANR. Authority to permit exceptions so fulltime employee appointed to proffessional & support staff position have addt'l appt in another dept/another classfctn in same dept. may be redel
2068 Chancellors, Lab Dirs, SVP-B&F, VP-ANR. Authority to establish, change or eliminate annual uniform replacement allowances. appropriate local HEERA notice to affected employees and interested employee organizations in advance. May be redelegated.
2049 Provost & SVP-Acad Afrs. Authority to grant exceptions for no more than 2 yrs to 8-yr limitation of service for Asst. Prof or Lect. or Sr. Lec with Potential Security of Employment appointment at >half time
2030 Provost & SVP-Acad Affairs. Gifts/Bequests Comm. Is responsibility of Provost, authority to allocate and reallocate gifts and bequests. May be redelegated.
2027 Chancellors, SVP-B&F. Authority to implement UC relocation regulations. May be redel
DA is being rescinded as its contents were included in the revised 2013 University’s Relocation Regulations Policy which includes the authorization of the Chancellors et al. to implement the Regulations.
2026 Chancellors. Authority to grant exceptions to 25% limitation for total annual increases and 15% limit for promotional or upward reclass increases subject to threshold requiring Regental approval. May be redelegated.
2018 Chancellors, VP-ANR, VP-U&External Relations. Authority to approve and conduct fundraising campaigns for support of projects w/in your jurisdiction w/goals up to and including $5M for any purpose. May not be redelegated
2011 Chancellors, VP-ANR, VP-U&External Relations. Authority to solicit/accept gifts w/$5M limit. VP-U&ER is authorized to accept gifts to Univ not designated for certain campus/for use by more than 1 campus. May redelegate up to $1M
1084 Chancellors. Authority to adjust salary ranges & ancillary pay practices, and determine level of range adjustments for APS health care titles. Constitutes approved exceptn to APS 130.4, merit review. May redel
1082 Provost & SVP-Academic Affairs. Authority to solicit gifts for MESA project. Authority to accept such gifts is retained by VP-Univ & External Relations. May be redelegated.
1072 Chancellors, SVP-Admin, VP-ANR. Authority to confer emeritus status upon retirement of academic appointees who are not members of Senate but who meet criteria established in APM 120-10. May not be redelegated. Superseded by APM–120, most recently revised in 2005.
1053 VP-ANR, Chancellors. Authority to allocate and reallocate certain gifts. May not be redelegated.
1052 Chancellors. Authority to allocate and reallocate certain gifts. May not be redelegated.
1051 SVP-Acad Afrs. As Chair of Gifts & Bequests review committee, certain authorities to allocate and reallocate gifts and bequests. May be redelegated.
1022 VP-BUR. Authority to establish and administer a charitable gift annuity program and to submit application for program certification to CA Dept. of Insur. (per Regents 11/7/89 action) May not be redelegated.
1016 SVP-Academic Affairs. Authority to solicit gifts for Puente project. May be redelegated.
1002 SVP-Admin, VP-ANR, Chancellors, Lab Dirs. Authority to make yr-to-yr appointments of persons who have reached applicable retirement age. Discusses compensation for such appointees. Further discussion attached. May be redelegated
1000 SVP-Admin. Authority to grant exceptions to SPP 130.4, Merit review, for health care classes, re: merit incr. as a %ge of payroll. May be redel
DA is obsolete and no longer applicable with the issuance of the revised PPSM 30 - Compensation Policy dated 4/10/2015
993 SVP-Acad Afrs. Per 7/15/88 Regents' action, authority to approve addition of unexpended income to principal for endowed chair when circumstances warrant such action & when written approval from donor has been obtained. May be redelegated.
964 Chancellors, Lab Dirs. Authority to reschedule President's Day, Spring Admin Holiday, 2 holidays observed for Christmas & two holidays observed for new year. May not be redelegated. Incorporated into PPSM-2.210 - Absence from Work Policy
915 UCI Chancellor. Authority to administer Irvine Campus Housing Community program. May be redelegated.
899 UCSB Chancellor. Authority to administer development of West Campus Point development. Lists specific responsibilities, and authorities retained by President. May be redelegated.
896 LBL Dir. Authority to solicit & accept gifts for research, incl. gifts of equipment ($100K or less). Presidential authorization required for gifts over $100K. Regental authorization required on listed gifts. May not redelegated.
891 Dirs LLNL and LBL. Authority to make exception to Lab policies so appointees as Director, Dep Dir and Assoc Dir are eligible to accrue 2 days of vacation /mo of fulltime service.
886 SVP-Admin, VP-ANR, Chancellors, Lab Dirs. Authority to approve individual sal exceptions above maximum of new class upon demotion (305.33 and 305.34). May be redelegated.
882 Chancs, Lab Dirs, SVP-Admin, VP-ANR. Auth to except individ positions from payment of prem OT provided duties & responsibilities of the position meet Univ guidelines for a professional/administrative or executive exemption. May redelegate
DA is obsolete and no longer applicable with the issuance of the revised PPSM 30 - Compensation Policy dated 4/10/2015
881 VP-ANR, Chancellors. (5/85 Regents' action) authority to approve salary advances to newly-employed aliens not to exceed $8000 to any one person. May be redelegated.
860 Chancellors, Lab Dirs, Mbrs-President Cabinet, VPs, Exec Asst to President, Executive Secretary to President, Director-Public Affairs. Subject to stated terms, delegates authority of BY 14.7c/14.7D-1 to release from confidentiality matters considered by the regents in closed sessions. May not be redelegated. Restricted to matters w/in the President's responsibility area.
850 Chancellors. Authority to dismiss acad deans & provosts. May not be further redelegated.
840 SVP-Admin. Author to approve for execution by Secretary of the Regents supplemental group insurance contracts for med school faculty who are participants in special compensation plans. May not be redelegated.
838 VP-Budget & Univ. Reltns. Authority to apply for surplus real property from State Dept of Health and Human Services. May not be redelegated.
829 Chancellors, SVP-Admin, VP-ANR. Authority for budgets under your jurisdiction to approve incurring of commitments and expenditures against the following yr's dept budget in advance of the effec. date thereof. May be redelegated. Standing Order 100.4(p) is no longer followed thus DA is largely meaningless.
827 SVP-Acad Afrs. Authority to approve implementing regs & procedures reqd of chancellors by APM. May be redelegated.
826 SVP-Acad Affairs. Authority to approve leave with partial pay for more than 30 days for service to governmental agencies and other leaves of absence with pay for more than 12 months, other than sick leave (APM 750-24(b) & 758-24(B). May be redelegated
825 SVP-Acad Affairs. Authority to permit additional comp from university sources (besides APM 661-667). May be redelegated
821 SVP-Academic Affairs. Pursuant to 10/15/84 policy, authority for implementing/complying w/said policy, responsibility for developing modifications, revisions, exceptions and for informing/advising on issues of a U-wide nature regarding care/use of animals, including legislation. may be redelegated
802 SVP-Admin. Assigns to SVP-Admin responsibility for conflict of interest matters requiring compliance w/Political Reform Act.
794 VP-Fin and Bus Mgmt. Authority to represent President in security arrangements for and maintenanced of order at Regents meetings. May be redelegated.
781 VP-Fin&Bus Mgmt. Delegates authority for certain responsibilities concerning police policies & regs as set forth in UC police policies & procedures manual (chap 4, section 4.1) issued 4/15/81. may be redelegated.
779 VP-Fin&Bus Mgmt. Authority to distribute income earned by current fund investment pool (now STIP) to participating balances in accord with established policy
755 VP-Fin&Bus Mgmt. Authority to establish/publish all travel policies/procedures. May not be redelegated.
750 VP-Finan & Bus Mgmt. Subject to restrictions, delegates for UCOP staff, those authorities provided to chancellors in the Staff personnel policy manual. see also 10/24/83 DA which supersedes mangmt program p portion of this DA. May be redelegated.
748 VP-Fin & Bus Mgmt. Authority to negotiate/approve indirect cost rates applied to contracts/grants; negotiate/approve exceptions to genl indirect cost rates; accept/execute/sign agreements, contracts, related docs. May not be redelegated.
744 VP-Fin & Bus Mngmt. Authority to solicit/accept/execute/approve for execution grants/contracts; to act for President in administration of DOE Labs/contracts; to conduct business/financial/admin relationship with DOE. Requirements before redelegation. The authority is already in the job description of the staff who actually carry out the responsibility.
742 EVP-Business Operations. Authority to make applications to the FCC for radio/TV operating licenses.
739 Chancellors. Authority to grant indivdual exceptions to limits on terms of service for Postdoctoral title (3370) not to exceed 3 yrs. May be redelegated.
736 Acad VP. Authority to act for Pres., regarding changes in boundaries of campus Extension Service Areas, as set forth in Item 24 of the guidelines governing the organization of university extension (6/2/71). May be redelegated to Dean of University Extension Programs
735 Acad VP. Authority to approve format for diplomas issued by UC, in consultation w/Senate. May be redelegated
734 Chancellors. Authority to estab fees for issuance of duplicate diplomas. May be redelegated.
730 LBL, LLNL, LANL Dir. Authority to solicit and accept pledges, gifts of cash and marketable securities, and gifts in kind from private sources solely for establishing Director's Contingency Fund. (SO 100.4dd)
714 UCLA Chancellor. Authority to act for President in approving use of Lake Arrowhead Conf Ctr by non-university groups (procedures attached).
710 Acad VP. To implement University policy on protection of human subjects in research, respond to issues of universitywide nature, and implement the policy within UCOP. May be redelegated
708 Chancellors, Authority to set educational placement fees and to establish additional charge for each set of placement papers prepared. May be redelegated.
634 UCSD Chancellor. Authority to appoint alternate governor of Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc. May not be redelegated.
631 VP-Agr & Univ Srvcs. Recognizes 4-H Foundation as support group and delegates administration authority of policy/guidelines and responsibility for determining Foundation's compliance w/same. DA is okay to rescind as it only relates to a delegation of authority to VP Kendrick and is not required as formal approval of The California 4-H Foundation. In addition, the formal approval confirms that The California 4-H Foundation is to comply with the terms of the Policy on University Support Groups and the administrative guidelines.
620 Chancellors. Authority to approve payment of travel expenses for regents profs/lecturers. May be redelegated.
556 Acad VP. Author to fix University calendar, approve campus academic/admin calendars, & approve exceptions to guidelines for established calendars
483 VP of Univ to chancellors, VPs, Principal Officers of Regents, Administrative Officers-OP. Authority to approve sale, trade-in, transfer of surplus University  property and allocate net proceeds to account of department  releasing property. May be redelegated.
447 VP of Univ to Chancellors. Authority to establish minimum benefit criteria for health insurance coverage for foreign students.
426 VP of Univ to Chancelrs. Authority to make exceptions to student's date of withdrawal (fee refund).
409 VP of Univ to Chancellors. Authorizes deferral of University registration fee for 40 calendar days for teaching assistants.
349 VP of Univ., Chancellors. Authority to determine whether health service fees for summer session students are optional or mandatory. May be redelegated.
342 VP of Univ to Chancellors, Lab Dirs. Authority to approve annual procedure to permit employee charitable contributions from pay.
271 VP-Bus&Fin. Delegates authority to issue a series of Bus Fin Bulletins to implement Material Mgmt. program. Supersedes University purchasing policy manual July 1964
252 Fr. Exec VP of Univ. Authority to execute CA standard agreements with State Dept Agric. without provisions for recovery of indirect costs when university costs derived under State market orders
225 Chancellors, VPs, Dean Univ Exten, VP-Ag & Univ Srvcs. Authority to return personal property gifts to donors Superseded by DA2579
115 Chancellors, VPs, University Deans. Authority to approve reimbursement for meals in connection w/overtime. May be redelegated. Superseded by BFB-G-32
45 Chancellors & Officers. Resp. for assuring proof of health coverage for foreign staff & students.