Academic Affairs

Establishing and reviewing academic programs and units, library and extension administration, academic outreach and other policies related to the academic mission.

Business and Finance

General business operations, including accounting and payroll, finance, internal controls, auxiliary operations, housing programs, banking and risk services.

Clinical Compliance

Relationships with vendors, protection of health information, other topics pertinent to clinical operations.

Community Relations

Campus interactions with the surrounding community, and relations between university constituencies (faculty, staff, students).

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest or commitment requirements and guidance for faculty, staff, researchers, administrators.

Development and Advocacy

Donor relations, gift acceptance, campus foundations, legal and reporting requirements.

Facilities and Resources

Budget, capital projects planning and approval, real property management, plant operations, sustainability, design and construction.

Human Resources

Policies for staff appointment, performance review, classification, compensation, leave of absence and nondiscrimination.

Information Technology

Appropriate use of university information resources, including web resources, and technology infrastructure. Includes compliance with privacy requirements, copyright laws and stewardship of university records.

Intellectual Property

Patents and licensing, technology transfer, UC trademarks, copyright and related guidance.


Includes purchasing under sponsored research agency requirements, approvals, sustainable purchasing practices and strategic sourcing.

Research Administration

Includes policies related to administration of sponsored projects, protection of research subjects and the research mission of the university.

Student Matters

Includes policies related to student life, student fees, student conduct and discipline and student records.