Review of Additions/Updates/Revisions to Presidential Policies

This section includes two types of policy actions:  

  1. Presidential Policies that have been updated or revised with minor changes that the Policy Owner has submitted as “technical and non-substantive” and do not, therefore, require the full vetting of the Presidential Policy process.  These are changes that often provide clarification to language based on feedback and questions from the campuses.  
  2. Presidential Policies that the Policy Owner has recommended for rescission, because they are no longer needed or applicable.  

Both of these policy actions will be posted here for 30 days to solicit comments or questions.  

Please identify any issues that may result from these updates to Presidential Policies. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Policy Office.  After the end of the comment period, the policies will be updated as posted, the current policies replaced, and, if necessary, sent to the President for action.

Policy # Policy Title Type of Change Reason for Change Comment Period End Comments
PPSM-2 Definition of Terms Technical Revision The policy went through technical review and the proposed revisions include formatting updates, deletion of redundant language, and typographical amendments. 1/16/2021 Leave a Comment!
CANRA Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Technical Revision Technical updates made to the policy per AB 1963: a) expand the definition of Mandated Reporters to include certain human resources employees (including academic personnel staff or other such location employees who are charged with handling discrimination complaints as defined by CANRA), and adults who supervise minor employees; b) reformatted Appendix A to separate Mandated Reporter categories; c) technical update of Appendix B-2; and d) made updates for gender-neutral language. 1/20/2021 Leave a Comment!