Review of Additions/Updates/Revisions to Presidential Policies

This section includes two types of policy actions:  

  1. Presidential Policies that have been updated or revised with minor changes that the Policy Owner has submitted as “technical and non-substantive” and do not, therefore, require the full vetting of the Presidential Policy process.  These are changes that often provide clarification to language based on feedback and questions from the campuses.  
  2. Presidential Policies that the Policy Owner has recommended for rescission, because they are no longer needed or applicable.  

Both of these policy actions will be posted here for 30 days to solicit comments or questions.  

Please identify any issues that may result from these updates to Presidential Policies. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Policy Office.  After the end of the comment period, the policies will be updated as posted, the current policies replaced, and, if necessary, sent to the President for action.

Policy # Policy Title Type of Change Reason for Change Comment Period End Comments
PACAOS Appendix F - Interim Policy SVSH Student Investigation and Adjudication Framework for DOE-Covered Conduct Technical Revision

The policy is revised per federal regulation. On July 28, 2021, a federal court vacated the regulation and remanded it to the Department of Education for further consideration; on August 10, the court clarified that its decision applied nationwide; and on August 24, the DOE issued guidance that it will not be enforcing this regulation accordingly.   

The provision at issue was added only because it was legally required at the time. Now that it is not, Policy Owner is recommending removing this limitation. 

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BFB-G-38 Property Tax Exemption and Guidance on Refund Claims for Property Owned and Leased by the University Rescission

At the September 21 meeting of the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC), it was determined that Business and Finance Bulletin G-38 is really a procedure/guideline that should be rescinded as a Presidential Policy, and moved to the internal Financial Accounting SharePoint site. Also, the changes are of a substantial or comprehensive update as opposed to a regular technical update. The name of the procedure/guideline will be changed to remove the Business and Finance Bulletin in the title, but still contain G-38 Property Tax Exemption and Guidance on Refund Claims for Property Owned and Leased by the University.

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