DA 2046

Superseded by DA 2100.

June 19, 1995


Delegation of Authoritv--Execution of Purchase Contracts, Standard Purchase Orders, and other Documents Necessary for Materials, Goods and Services to be Supplied to the University

The Regents' Bylaw 5.1 sets forth the authority of The Regents with regard to the purchase of materials, goods, and services. The Regents' Standing Order 100.4 (dd) specifies the authority of the President of the University in connection with the execution of various contracts and documents.

Subject to Regents' Bylaw 5.1 and Standing Order 100.4 (dd) effective immediately as Senior Vice President--Business and Finance, in your areas of responsibility, you are delegated the authority, as held by the President, to execute purchase contracts, standard purchase orders, and other documents necessary for the supplying of materials, goods, and services to the University.

The foregoing is in addition to the responsibility assigned to the Senior Vice President--Business and Finance in the delegation of authority dated June 19, 1995 (DA 2045) from the President to Chancellors and Laboratory Directors on this same subject. In that delegation, you are assigned responsibility for administration of the University Materiel Management program. In carrying out your administrative responsibility and this execution authority for that program, the terms of this delegation of authority and the delegation of authority to Chancellors and Laboratory Directors dated June 19, 1995 (DA 2045) shall apply.

You may redelegate this authority to specific designees, but it may not be redelegated. further. Any Redelegation shall be in writing with copies to the Special Assistant--Coordination & Review and the General Counsel and Vice President for Legal Affairs.

This delegation supersedes the July 12, 1983, Delegation of Authority to the Vice President--Financial and Business Management on the same subject (DA 0793).

J. W. Peltason



Laboratory Directors
Members, President's Cabinet
Associate Vice President Broome
Special Assistant Gardner
Principal Officers of The Regents