Additions/Updates/Revisions to Presidential Delegations

Interim Delegations of Authority (DA) have been issued in connection with Regents Policy 5300 and 8103. These Interim DAs have been approved and signed by the President to avoid any disruption in University operations related to the process of implementing these Regents Policies. DA2016 has been proposed for rescission as the authority given for this delegation, Regents Policy 5304, has been rescinded. These DAs are posted for the 30-day comment period to give stakeholders the opportunity to identify any issues that may result from changes, additions and/or deletions of a DA.  Please send your comments to  After the 30-day comment period, the President will be asked to approve the disposition of these DAs. 

DA # Delegated to Subject Authority Changes Comment Period Ends Comments
DA2016 Chancellors, Senior Vice President – Business and Finance Administration of University of California Housing Facilities RESCISSION – The authority for this DA, Regents Policy 5304: Policy on the Administration of UC Housing Facilities, has been rescinded at the March Regents Meeting.  June 8, 2018 Leave a comment!