Personnel Policies for Senior Management Group

Senior Management Group Personnel Policies delineate the general employment relationship between Senior Management Group employees and the university. Positions designated as senior management provide leadership requiring the exercise of a high degree of independent judgment in the development of universitywide or campuswide policy and program direction and accountability for long-term results.

The President, as executive head of the university, has responsibility for the policies and programs governing the terms and conditions of employment for staff members who hold senior management positions, except for certain actions which are reserved to The Regents and Principal Officers of The Regents as set forth in the Bylaws and Standing Orders of The Regents, and except as delegated by the President to Chancellors, Laboratory Director and the Executive Vice President — Business Operations.

Each campus has a designated Senior Management Group (SMG) Coordinator who serves as the primary contact for all SMG members, responsible for interpreting policies, administering programs and coordinating efforts with Office of the President.


Absence from Work


Employee Relations

Professional Development

Outside Professional Activities

Business Expenses, Moving and Relocation


  • Home Loan Programs
  • PPSM II-71 — Senior Management Supplemental Benefit Program PDF
    Administrative note: The President is no longer recommending or approving participation in the Senior Management Supplemental Benefit Program for new hires or new appointees. Subject to the limitations under policy, current participants may continue to participate in the Senior Management Supplemental Benefit Program until they step down from their current positions or change positions.
  • PPSM II-42 — Disability Leave PDF

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